The #1 International Bestselling Book, Sensitivity Is Your Superpower, written by Dr. Karen Kan, teaches You and other Sensitive Souls to Harness Your Gift of Sensitivity as a Superpower, Fulfill Your Purpose, and Create a Life of Joy!

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Listen to the MP3 or watch the MP4 to receive TOLPAKAN™ Healing to support the reduction of sensitivity symptoms. You'll learn 4 ways of grounding, balance your gifts "clairs", balance your Awareness, and turn down the dial on your Sensitivity, Intensity, Reactivity, Resistance, and Excess Empathy (SIRRE Protocol).

By downloading the Breatharian Blueprint™, you'll have the necessary positive morphic field of being able to extract energy more efficiently from Zero Point. Together with stillness and breathing, you may find that you need to eat less while maintaining your body's well-being.

Find Your Calm Journey for Mums is a practical 6 part video series that will help you find your calm when you need it - so that you can transform those high tension moments from: Wired, Explosive and Relationship breaking to Grounded, Calm and Relationship cuilding. The tools you will learn will help you be the calm you know both you and your kids need.

This meditation is like a gentle massage for the body and energy field. It dislodges struggles and clears the energy field of entities, energy bullies, individuals, obligations, and things that weigh us down. Listen and drop into a deeply relaxed state while allowing the waterfall to cleanse your being, while reviving and regenerating your life force, bringing Health, Wealth, and Wellness.

A mini-class on how to cultivate peace from the inside, no matter what's happening on the outside, turning the tables on worry, stress and fear for a sense of inner calm and peace.

A delicious and restorative 3 day meal plan to soothe and heal the gut. The recipes have been specifically designed to be packed full of gut healing nutrients and foods so you can enjoy relief from your gut symptoms and a healthy, happy gut.

From birth, your given names create a blueprint, influencing personality, character, mental, and physical health. Letters from each of your names rotate at predetermined years, influencing events and the way you live life. If your life hasn't gone the way you'd planned, answers can be found within the combination of your names.

Discover how to have a deeper connection each time you connect through your heart center. There are 3 mistakes that healers & highly sensitive women make that keep them unfocused, disconnected and insecure. Discover a simple step by step formula to have more stability, clarity & impact each time you connect.

This 40-page multimedia book describes the art and science of the Clear Beliefs Method. It explains your subconscious influences: why you do what you do, and why it’s so difficult to change habitual patterns of thought and behavior. It’s a beautifully produced primer on beliefs. Included is an exercise you can use to begin your exploration of your subconscious beliefs: Belief Self-Diagnosis.

Brainwave entrainment for increasing inner peace. The frequencies (MP3) is suitable for everyone from the overwhelmed and stressed to the spiritual masters and healers. Regardless of who you are and your personal challenges, Life Response Frequencies is here to support you and lift you up.

Electromagnetic Fields are linked to premature aging, memory loss, inflammation and cancer. In this 90 page eBook learn about the many devices we all use which emit dangerous EMFs and discover dozens of practical personal EMF solutions and how to quickly and easily identify and mitigate EMF hotspots in your home and workplace.

Raise your Money Thermostat to make more money in your business. Open your Money Channel to receive more abundance. Transform your limited money stories & blocks that are in the way of your success & master a 6-figure money mindset.

How to realign your centre, find peace and harmony amongst the noise, attractant and manifest more health wealth and happiness in your life. This special meditation uses the magic of sacred geometry to have you manifest faster and easier.

With this Guided Connection, you'll release feeling overwhelmed within 9 mins, experience feeling true personal power, strengthen your energy system by grounding the body in peace & love, discover the ease of moving forward with grace, let go of stagnant energy that's holding you back, and instantly feel light & open.

An audio training to give you a glimpse of what it feels like to be grounded, empowered, and embodied. You'll learn to clear others energy to stay peaceful and empowered without feeling drained by others negativity. From being sourced to the universe and empowered consistently you can continue to have more clarity so you can enhance your intuitive abilities.

Dr. Karen Kan's Hara Line Harmonizer helps you to energetically support your Hara Line, the power line that runs through the center of your body, so you can improve your manifesting abilities.

The singular most important information anyone needs in order to correct what's going wrong in their marriage lies within this document! It is the first thing Dr. Deb teaches in her marriage course. And it is now yours. So before you look at it and say to yourself, "Whaaa? This is just a page of emojis," be sure to read this entire brochure.


It's important to manage and nourish your energies, ESPECIALLY before, during, and after travel. This mp3 makes it possible with the infused energies of the Earth's tone music - providing oxygenation and hydration that is essential to the body! Press play, place your attention on your beverage for 5 seconds, then enjoy staying nourished and “grounded” to the earth plane as you expand your horizons!


Dr. Karen Kan is a Doctor of Light Medicine™, #1 international bestselling author, visionary, and pioneer in healing, consciousness, and spirituality. Her mission is to empower spiritually conscious people to harness their intuitive, healing, and manifesting Superpowers to reach their highest vibration and help anchor a brand-new reality of love, joy, peace, and harmony for all.
As the Founder of the Academy of Light Medicine™, Dr. Karen teaches the 3-Step TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method (TKH™) by Aligning with the Source of Divine Wisdom, Asking Quality Questions through Divine Muscle Testing™, and Activating High Vibrational Healing Frequencies. She is like Yoda® from Star Wars, training you to be a Self-Healing Jedi Master®.