Unlock Your Superpowers™

Introducing: The 7 R’s Formula for
Masterful Manifesting

In this formula, I show you exactly how to become a Master at Manifesting and how to know when the Universe is “testing” you and up-level your expertise!

This program is for people who are ready and willing to train and unlock their Superpowers to manifest their deepest desires. Through the 7 R’s Formula for Masterful Manifesting, you’ll receive healing activations that release karmic debts, outdated oaths, vows, contracts, and entity interference. You will rewire your subconscious mind, negative emotional patterns, and self-limiting belief patterns. 

The core of the 7 R’s Formula is a training program that shows you how you have the ability to connect with your Superpowers – those abilities that make you a powerful master of manifesting.

You’ll understand why your life has manifested the way it has thus far and what’s required to quantum-jump to the life you choose to experience.

When you become masterful at manifesting, you can:

  • Regenerate Your Physical Body

  • Release Pain and Fatigue

  • Rejuvenate While You Sleep

  • Enjoy Healthy Relationships

  • Manifest Your Dream Partner

  • Manifest Your Dream Home and Career

  • Attract More Money and Financial Opportunities

  • ...and much more!

In this Source-guided program, I’ll be mentoring you through simple yet powerful enlightened processes to “flex” your manifesting muscles and receive healing frequencies to awaken and augment your Superpowers. It’s a self-healing training like you’ve never experienced before!


$477.00 USD

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