$333.00 USD

The $333 USD application fee is there to secure my spot for an appointment. 48 hours is required for rescheduling or cancelation. There are no refunds with the exception of two situations:

  • before booking is created on the calendar
  • enrollment into the VIP program

I know I can email [email protected] with any questions.


During this 45-minute interview...

We will:

  • Determine what your ideal future/goals look like
  • What issues or problems are going on right now
  • Whether working together 1:1 VIP is a good fit or not
  • Do a 10-minute mini-assessment based on your top 1-2 priorities.

[ Please note that this is an interview NOT a healing session]. This Kajabi cart system requires you to create a password even if you won't be logging into anything.